Feeling a little strange…

For the first time since we started our Sussex Sixes tournament 30 years
ago it is understandably cancelled.  Today we would normally be running
around like headless chickens collecting stock for the stalls, gas for
the BBQ’s, trestle tables, equipment from the lock up all in preparation
for set up this evening.  The troops would arrive at around 5pm to set
up the pitches, marquees, PA system and get organized for what is
normally a long and very busy weekend of football.

Saturday 6am arrive at West Park, get the urns on (very important), get
all the stock out for the stalls, fire up the BBQ’s (Mmm bacon rolls),
put out speakers, collect the burgers, sausages and rolls. 7.30am go
over to the car park ready to receive the first session of teams and
volunteers ready at the stalls.  The crowds start arriving whilst we are
still setting up control, we hope all teams will turn up so we have a
smooth start.  Referees arrive, slips handed out and we are ready for
the first games to start at 9am.  Let the fun begin!  It is a glorious
day and the view of West Park packed with people, kids playing football
and everyone enjoying themselves.  There is no better feeling.  The
first session is finished, medals and trophies handed out and everyone
has had a great tournament experience, after all it is the best one on
the calender.  As teams are leaving and the next session arrives the car
park is mental!  Now starts the busiest session of the weekend and
hopefully without any delays (not likely).  The first day finishes at
around 7.30pm and we commence getting everything back in the pavilion,
a couple of beers and we head home at around 8.30pm exhausted but happy
with the first day.

Sunday slight lay in arrive at West Park at 6.30am and repeat the events
of Saturday.  Looking forward to another great day of football.  As the
second session gets to the quarter final stage, we start taking down
goals on pitches not in use and preparing to close the tournament down.
It has been a long weekend and starting to feel it now.  The last final
has been played, trophies awarded and the mass take down begins.  We
leave West Park and look at an empty field.  A great job done by all and
a lot of money raised for the club.

I miss football and especially this weekend even though it is a lot of
hard work and effort.